Like most of places around Indonesia we usually speak Indonesia as Our National language, even though we may use our own dialect when we communicate among us. So before you leave your country or arriving Indonesia get yourself a phrase book try to learn and remember a few words, our language is not a difficult language you can practice it daily easily. (Terimakasih, Apakabar? Baik-baik saja, Berapa harga ? Dimana Pasar or Bemo. etc)

From your home, pls. check your flight to Jakarta directly or fly Singapore to Jakarta. Then you let us to assist you with your internal flight around Indonesia. There is possibility to fly Jakarta via Semarang or Surabaya to Pangkalanbun.Jakarta – Banjarmasin – Kuching – Pontianak – Pangkalan bun. There are several ferries cross from Java to Kumai in a week. They’re operated by PELNI and DARMA KENCANA for passenger and cargo. (Contact us for your internal flight assistance information and booking). The following flight details for visit orangutan tanjung puting national park borneo:

FLIGHT : Boeing 737 series 200. 115 seat capacity and ATR 40 seat.
Kalstar air Jakarta(CGK)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no. KP 721-Dept.07.05 – Arr.08.20 pm
Trigana air Jakarta(CGK)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no.TGN 708-Dept.09.15 – Arr.10.25 am.

Kalstar air Semarang(SRG)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no. KP 603 -Dept.10.30- Arr.11.30 pm
Trigana air Semarang(SRG)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no.TGN 702-Dept.12.20 – Arr.13.15 pm.

Kalstar air Surabaya(SUB)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no. KP 711- reschedule / nooperation
Trigana air Surabaya(SUB)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no.TGN 712-Dept.15.25 – Arr.16.35 pm.
Trigana air Solo(SOC)-Pangkalanbun(PKN) flt no.TGN 742-Dept.12.00 – Arr.13.25 pm. ( Wednesday and Sunday only)

Check in min 1.5 hours before Dept through Terminal 1C. Airport tag Rp. 30.000,- Baggage allow 20kg. Trigana air fare starting from Rp. 889.000-1.250.000,-/per person/oneway. the fare may change due to time booking and class available when booking/ticket issueing made

Kalstar air Pangkalanbun(PKN)-Jakarta (CGK) flt no. KP 721-Dept.12.05 – Arr.13.20 pm
Trigana air Pangkalanbun(PKN)-Jakarta(CGK)flt no. TGN 709 Dept.17.05 – Arr.18.15pm.

Kalstar air Pangkalanbun(PKN)- Semarang(SRG)-flt no. KP 602-Dept.08 -55 Arr.09.55 pm
Trigana air Pangkalanbun(PKN)-Semarang(SRG)flt no. TGN 701 Dept.10.55 – Arr.11.50pm.

Kalstar air Pangkalanbun(PKN)-Surabaya(SUB)-flt no. KP 721- reschedule / nooperation
Trigana air Pangkalanbun(PKN)-Surabaya(SUB)flt no. TGN 711 Dept.13.45 – Arr.14.55pm.
Trigana air Pangkalanbun(PKN)-Solo(SOC)flt no. TGN 741 Dept.13.45 – Arr.14.55pm. ( Wednesday and Sunday only)

Check in min 1.5 hours before dept. Airport tag Rp. 15.000,- Baggage allow 20kg. Trigana air fare starting from Rp. 809.000-1.250.000,-/per person/oneway based on class/fare today available

You are able to apply for your social visa; normally you has six months validity on your passport from the date arrival in Indonesia. You can apply for a visa on arrival 7 days to 30 days in Indonesia that you are in fact eligible. The cost for 7 days US$ 10 and 30 Days US$25 non extendable and overstay the stated period you will have to pay a US$25 per day fine when you exit Indonesia. If you wish to stay more than 30 days you should purchase a social visa at accost of US$60. The following nationalities can obtain a 7 to 30 day visa on arrival : Argentina, Arab emirates, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States, And UK, the country not stated above including Netherlands must have a social visa.

If you have a social visa, it is extendable for total period of p to 6 months, however it is validated for only 60 days when you first arrive in Indonesia, you have it extended at least 5 days prior to the expiration of this initial period. Here you need to find an agent to do this for you and there are charge of around IDR 550.000,- per passport to provide you a sponsor letter and to arrange the extension of your visa at an immigration office. You may not be able to extend your visa at the immigration office yourself as you need a sponsor letter. But as they say “Different field, Different Grasshopper”

Planning trip to Borneo Island (Borneo Malaysia and Kalimantan) the rainy season should take into your account. The worst rains usually from November to February (the weather may change and rain may fall early or later, pls. check with Indonesia weather broadcast service). During this season some roads impossible, however, the main highways are usually open all year round. Travelling during wet season

Kalimantan is multi-cultural, ethnic and religion (Moslem, Christians, Hindus, Buddha.) Muslim is predominantly religion it’s respectful for women to dress conservatively. While Men may wear short, Women are advised to wear long pants (Sarongs are appropriate) with T-Shirts or long sleeved Shirts. It also protects you from mosquitoes. Smart casual clothes are ideal especially when dealing with officials, to avoid for any crimes temptation best not wearing jewelry or any expensive items. keep them in secure place or bag. Kumai is a safe small port town with the peoples very friendly to host you.

Good Mosquito repellent, Small Backpack (Trekking), Sunglasses / Hat, Suntan Lotion, Camera /extra Film and battery, Trekking Shoes/Socks, Light Raincoat, Towel & Mini Towel, Cotton Clothing, Flashlight / batteries, Small personal Medical Kit.

Alcoholic beverage not allow here, government has banded for any Alcoholic trade since 4 years ago du to so many accident and problems. So don’t expect any beer even at Big Hotel,

Western (US$-SIN$ )Currency could be exchange at some bank here, make sure giving big banknote US$50 – US$ 100,crispy and latest currency( year above 2006). The gold vendor (PONTI SURI) may accept other currency (US, SIN$, UERO) with their local exchange rate. you can withdraw your money through ATM, In Kumai (BNI ATM) located in front of INDOWARTEG Restaurant (we recommended this restaurant to try). You can find BNI ATM, MEGA BANK,MANDIRI BANK,DANAMON BANK,BRI,BPD in Pangkalanbun city about 30 Minutes from Kumai or 16km, daily Bemo can be easily call out near our office.

Pls. follow the rule of the park which is you can also read on the welcome sign , do not swimming cause of the crocodile, when you are around the feeding please do not talk loudly which bordering the orangutan and other visitors if you want to enjoy your a good experience with nature and respecting the wildlife, keep also remain your tour guide if you found they don’t follow the rule., read more….. (link-kan ke we should committee to conserve)

In Indonesia Typhoid, hepatitis, Tetanus, and malaria are common. Malaria commonly found every area in Indonesia and also deep in the forest mosquitoes can be a problem and as these can carry disease, malaria and dengue fever. Please take any malaria tab before arriving and during stay in Kalimantan. (Pls. ask your physician advice) and put insect lotion especially at night.