Ultimate Orangutan and Wildlife tours .

Duration  : 3D/2N
Transportation  : Kelotok / wooden boat

I will pick you up at the airport and take you to kumai sub district about 25 minutes from the airport, Kumai is a harbor village on the west of Tanjung Puting National Park and also the entrance to the park. After arriving at Kumai  we can go straight to klotok and we will introduce you klotok crew who will accompany and serve you during the trip. When everythings ready, we can start the trip to the park. It take two our before we get to the Park, its very possible for you to see some animals such as some species of birds, monkeys, lizards water and very likely the wild Orangutan along the way on the river to first station.

After arriving at the first station we can directly go to see the feeding of the orang-utans at 3 pm, there you can see about 5 or 15 orang utan. After that we return to klotok and continue the journey on the river to see the monkeys that are very easy to take a look at the trees around the river like a monkey and a long tailed macaqe and probusces monkey. During the night we could also go to the nearby nipa palm forest to see the fireflies .

You can wake up early morning to enjoy and listen to the sound of animals such as birds, monkeys or the big male of orangutan long call , after breakfast and drinking coffee we can continue our journey towards 2nd station to see the feeding of orang utan at 09.00 am.

Having seen feeding at 2nd Station we can continue our journey to the 3nd station, and if we leave early, we might be able to see the crocodiles and some of the animals throughout the way to the 3nd station. 3rd station which we call camp leakey to see feeding of orang utan at 2 pm in the afternoon, Camp leakey is the last camp that has a black clean water up the sekonyer river.  There are a lot of crocodiles and also we can find a lot of orangutans and other animals such as wild boar and gibbon.

There is an Information Center that is usually open at 12.30 to 02.00 pm. After we watch the feeding we return back to klotok  and find a place to spent the night on the river near Camp Leakey, after diner if the weathers good we can also do the night walk to look for the night animals  and glowing mashroom which usually can be found at rainy season

In the morning after breakfast and take a river water shower where we spend the night we go to see animals along the river and back to Kumai to end the tour. About 12.00 pm(depend on your flight schedule) we reach kumai, and you can spend the night in hotels around the Kumai. and the next day we will take you back to the airport.


Tour including : Taxi pick up (airport-kumai,kumai-airport), Boat, Guide, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner ( on boat), ranger fee, police permit, and Park ticket.

For further information about the price and tour packet detail or other informations, Please contact me by email at torismarley@gmail.com or Phone/sms +62(0)81223529373